Drum making workshop Whangarei

The Drum

The Drum is a powerful tool for healing and inducing altered states of consciousness.
Drumming is a connection to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and is a reminder of the natural rhythms of the Universe.

An Ancient Practice

This is an ancient practice in most cultural history around the world from Celtic,and African to First Nations, just to name a few.

The drumbeat represents the heartbeat of the Mother.
It also is the amplifier of intent. It has the power to heal, transform and transport us to new dimensions of our spirit.

Master Drum Maker

So with this in mind I enlisted the help of Barry Bartlett, Barry is a master in drum making. With his many years experience in the art of hand made drums ,together we held our first Drum making workshop in Whangarei this April.

Every participant gets to chose their deer hide and a frame which are provided by Barry.
We blessed all the materials with smudge,prayer and intention, then got to know our hides during the washing process, some people had clear visions of the deer while it was alive and we all took the time to honor and respect the life and death of these beautiful animals.

Every Drum is unique,mine started out as a round frame but ended up egg shaped,which I absolutely love ! Binding the hide to the frame also had us producing unique patterns.

Barry says the rules of drum making are = there are NO rules,the drum it’s self decides how it will be.

It was a lot of fun, and not a hard project to do, one thing that was a little hard though was resisting the temptation to play I while it was drying, this can take 3 days or up to a week depending on environmental moisture.

Some of the participants are planning to paint there drums,while others are choosing to leave theirs natural.

Drum Circle Jam

I have decided to create a drum circle here in Whangarei for the participants of the workshop to meditate and jam with each other as we get a know our drums , the intention is to create a space for the drums to talk with us, and for our bodies to move with it’s deep vibration, feeding our souls with the magic and love from which each individual drum has been created .

This may also be open for others to join us at a later date.
Blessings Tracy
Bio & For More Info:
* As a Family Constellation Facilitator my role is to guide people through their deep healing journeys within their own energy system and that of their families soul.Pair this with the powerful beat of the drum , and that’s what I call MAGIC!
I will be hosting Barry again in Whangarei later this year as well as Taupo.
 If you are interested in joining us or for more information regarding Constellation work please contact me via email:
Or www.tracycartwright.co.nz

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