Finding Your Voice

Seven Secrets of The Supreme Sound

By: Susan Pryor

This course is FREE! And FABULOUS!

It will change how you think and feel about your voice; but more importantly it will transform how you use your voice.

Simrit says “The truth is this: YOUR voice is important, YOUR voice is powerful, YOUR voice is beautiful. The ancient sages knew that the human sound is the single most profound tool for healing, spiritual growth, and happiness.

We speak with our voice, we sing with our voice, we pray with our voice, we cry with our voice, we rejoice with our voice! When you harness its power and experience the beauty of your own sound, it will change your life forever.”

I love Kirtan and Chanting and discovering this course enabled me to start to focus the sounds I made and direct my energies in useful ways aside from creating sound. The energy that is generated by ‘voice’ is resonant with intention and has direction that can be navigated as you would steer your car – to the destination of your choice. In this way I immediately felt the opening, cleansing, healing power of my voice; arising as it does from Manipura the chakra of life, living and action, spiralling outwards from the core laden with intent and on target.

Simrit goes on to say; “The most potent power on the planet is at the tip of your tongue…”

Followed by; “Who doesn’t want that?! Yet, so many of us are trained from a very young age to think that our voice isn’t important. Someone may have told us: “you don’t have a good voice”, or “shut up”, or “I don’t want to hear you”, or “what you have to say doesn’t matter.”

With the tip of your tongue and some simple sounds you can stimulate the Pineal  and the Pituitary Glands; sensitive to vibration these two prime movers of the endocrine system awaken and thereby activate the entire endocrine system into wellness, wellbeing and health.

When you feel the sound arising from the core the core itself becomes stronger. Situated under and around the navel this area is the last reminder of our physical link to our mother and the nourishment we recieved in utero and now the link with Source; as we bathe not in ammniotic fluid but in spirit.


Simrit invites you to try this for yourself, her gift is really generous; “I just created a brand new free online training on how to tap the incredible power of your own unique voice. It’s called the 7 Secrets of the Supreme Sound. Click the link here to check it out. It’s an awesome experience that is open to everyone!”

She says; “Your voice is about so much more than just singing. It is the single most powerful tool for awakening consciousness. It is an amazing tool for building your self-confidence, accessing your heart, and communicating with genuine love. Who doesn’t need that?!”

I am so excited about what I have been learning through this course and Simrit is “so excited to share these teachings with you. Follow the link here to jump in now. It’s free and just takes a quick moment to get started:”

This has been a really enlivening journey to take; I am no singer! But in this I am finding my voice!

Photo: Simrit Facebook

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