The Journey that is Sacred

In my experience, a sacred journey begins with stepping out of daily routines, strict plans and ‘to do’ lists, allowing the Mystery to be our guide.

It is surrender to each moment, knowing we our guided in each breath.

It is feeling our unity and connection with self, others, and the natural world —

In the song, in the dance, in the silence, we listen.

I realized the beauty, the magic and the power of sacred journeys when I traveled to Northland kauri forests last March with a group of twelve people, co-leading with elder Gary Cook. My role was to hold space for the group and share sound healing as well as rituals. I witnessed how we all journeyed, moment by moment, in harmony, beauty and ease.

There is a beautiful presence that emerges when journeying with a loving open-hearted group. A sense of love and inclusiveness among our kauri group allowed relative strangers to greet one another as old friends. Each place we visited brought us closer together, as well as understanding the nature of kauri. The love and easiness permeating our group lingered long after the journey was completed. And this was ours to transfer into daily life, making each moment precious and sacred.

My heart was filled with gratitude to life and to all those — seen and unseen — with whom I shared song and story. The presence of the elemental realms became stronger inside me. Every cell of my being was boosted with new energy and awareness, radiating wellness and wholeness.

During and after that kauri journey, I experienced a profound inner transformation that stirred in me the desire to co-create similar journeys throughout Aotearoa.

The Coromandel Peninsula has long held a deep enchantment for me. It was my home for over seven years. During that time I established a deep connection with the elemental realms, Lemurian consciousness and Waitaha wisdom.

In 2002 while carrying a sacred Aotea stone, I was guided to journey to the Coromandel following ley lines. During that time, the song of the stone took me to Mana Retreat, Dharma Gaia, Havalona, Mahamudra and Moehau, then all the way down to Paeroa to visit Mike O’Donnell, the water shaman.

Mike O’Donnell

Mike spoke of the sacred waters, the song of the stone I carried, and the ancestors of the land. I was transfixed by his sharing and the water ceremony that followed.

When I entered the sacred waters of his stream, I could hear children’s laughter filled with joy, and a poem was birthed in me – a poem shared in my book Sacred Feminine.

Raukura Sayer
Jay Smith

Mike O’Donnell is one of the medicine guides who will share with us the wisdom of the land. Raukura Sayer, a Maori medicine woman, will welcome us to her marae and offer a workshop about native plant medicines and share the beautiful products of We Love Rongoa. Another workshop presenter is Jay Smith, the creator of Aotearoa essences, which I have been using for myself and clients to help with emotional clearing and realignment.

Recently, my partner Michael and I learned about the seven chakras of the Coromandel. We saw a journey unfolding around the peninsula, embracing sacred sites, retreat centers and healing workshops. I am now preparing to lead this journey – Seven Songs of the Coromandel, November 7-16, 2018 – Springtime! – when life resurges, with a new moon, inspiring our creative juices to dance.

Just look at all the changes going on in our world and the countless beautiful opportunities available to us in New Zealand. Now more than ever, we people of peace and healing need to deepen our connection to the natural world and the specific healing medicine of this land.

Mother Gaia holds many keys to the lives we wish to lead. Let us journey together into harmony with her song.

To join our sacred journey – Seven Songs of the Coromandel – contact OR 022 648 1500 OR FB: Coromandel Sacred Journey

Osher River Oriyah

Osher River Oriyah, M.A. 

An international teacher and healer based in Aotearoa since 2001. She trained in Expressive Arts Therapies (M.A.), sound healing, dance, bodywork (CMT) and other modalities.

At the Institute of Indigenous Arts, she studied the healing applications of sound, movement and creative freedom. Through her training with medicine women in North America, she understood how to open the heart to our essential unity with the natural world.

Osher has been gifted with a special relationship with the elemental kingdom and dolphin realm. Her presentations have opened hearts at Mana Retreat (NZ) and numerous healing arts festivals. She is the author of “The Butterfly Child” and “Sacred Feminine.”  

Osher’s gifts include intuitive readings, sound healing, storytelling and channeling the energies of faery, dolphin and other light beings. Through her playful, inspiring songs and sessions we learn to use the voice as a healing instrument.

Currently she is living on beautiful Waiheke Island and can also be reached via email: or fb: Osher River Oriyah

Michael Fleck, M.A. is the director of Good Company Pacific Sacred Journeys; he has designed and co-led journeys for over 15 years.


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Photo of Jay Smith – Osher Oriyah

Photo of Osher River Oriyah – Michael Fleck

Other Photos – Suplied by Osher River Oriyah


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