Nadie Tillman…

A few years ago, Nadie Tillman, had an “awakening”:

that we don’t need chemicals to heal our bodies.

That here in Aotearoa, we have

world class rongoa (medicine) which she could use to help soothe and heal people, naturally.

…Awaken Therapies

This awakening was the beginning of Nadie’s boutique balm-making business, Awaken Therapies.

“We don’t have to put anything nasty on our bodies to care and heal. We can use what nature provides. It works. It’s effective!”

Awaken Therapies is run from Nadie’s home in Northland, where she handcrafts every one of her healing balms from ingredients that are all natural, and sustainably sourced.

Nadie combines her knowledge of traditional Maori rongoa and modern day practices to make this range of balms, which include blends of native New Zealand species such as kawakawa and tupakihi, as well as well known plant species calendula and comfrey. Kawakawa is good for all skin conditions; tupakihi is soothing and eases aches and pains; calendula is a great antiinflammatory, and comfrey is useful in the healing of minor wounds, both internal and external.

These plants are combined with beeswax and olive oil to make Nadie’s super soothing and healing balms.

While Nadie considers her use of excellent ingredients important, it is the process of making the balms which really sets Awaken Therapies apart: Nadie hand picks, creates, concocts and expertly brews her balms herself, while being fully present in the process, and ever mindful that her products are destined to heal.

Nadie has perfected her recipes over time and believes that true handcrafting means the crafter loves what she does and takes pride and care in her work.

Nadie’s love, care and knowledge of healing is in the DNA of all of her balms.

Just like nature, Awaken Therapies balms are elegant in their simplicity. The balms are good for our bodies and can be used as prevention as well as a cure. They are safe to be used on young and old alike, and everyone in-between.

“Making the balms has given me direction, purpose, fulfillment and pride, and I am excited about the many people they will help.”

About Nadie

Nadie Tillman lives in Northland and is a single parent raising two awesome kids.

Her business was born from a belief that our bodies don’t need nasty chemicals to heal and that nature provides a bounty of natural remedies and cures.

Nadie has step-by-step built her business inbetween making school lunches, kids sports, homework, and volunteering commitments. She started with a stall at a local market and now sells her amazing balms in stores in both New Zealand and Australia.

It hasn’t been easy but Nadie believes in her product, is inspired every day by the bounty of Papatuanuku/Earth Mother … and has healing in her whakapapa/ancestry.

She has combined her knowledge and gifts with further learning in business and natural medicine to establish Awaken Therapies. Her products are safe, natural, effective and most of all made with aroha (love) from Nadie to you.


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