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When a person passionate about two things is deciding to combine them, something magical can happen! For Stephanie from ‘Spirit-Rides’ in Raglan, combining her love of horses and a lifetime of working with them, and the challenges and special moments yoga have given her, creating Equine Yoga was just one of those magical combinations.




   Stephanie was born and raised in Germany where she spent a lot of time working with horses, and immigrated to New Zealand in 1996. In 2011 ‘Spirit-Rides’ was born as a Riding and later also Equestrian Vaulting school. Stephanie realised the need for a private one-on-one setting for adults and children on her schooled horses and ponies many of whom she rescued.

Her Yoga journey began 15 years ago, and for the last three years, she has been co-leading a local group of like-minded people, enjoying the journey together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. She felt there was something missing in yoga classes, and it was FUN. So a year ago she qualified as a Rainbow Yoga Kids and Family Instructor and a month later Spirit-Rides Equine Yoga was launched. She offers Group Workshops and has just come back from a two week stay in Germany introducing Equine yoga to horse owners there. She also offers Kids Yoga Classes in a local school.

Elisabeth has done her yoga teacher training in the magical jungle of Costa Rica. Since then, her journey in the study of yoga has led her to study with a variety of teachers and traditions located in different areas of the globe. However, she now considers Hatha and slow Vinyasa her main styles. Elisabeth taught yoga in her home country of Canada and in Costa Rica. Her first acro yoga/thai massage retreat was created and held in Nicaragua with the help of another acro yoga teacher. She has settled in Raglan a year ago enjoying all it has to offer.

Elisabeth and Stephanie met earlier this year and both immediately clicked and have decided to venture on this journey of Retreats together, combining even more of their passions! Elisabeth’s is Acro Yoga and Meditation, and both love food. So the combination of Equine Yoga, Acro Yoga, Meditation and Indian Cooking Classes was born to offer you a most unique and special experience. The length of the retreat was chosen by both- an overnight stay is very doable if you are a busy working person and also allows parents just enough time to get a break without having to sacrifice too much.

The purpose-built Waitetuna Retreat Centre is only 2km on the same road which makes for a more than ideal team. It is in a most peaceful and beautiful setting with very nice shared accommodation and excellent kitchen facilities.

Our chefs for the evening are a local Fijian-Indian Father and Daughter Team who are looking forward to sharing their cooking skills with participants. This will be a hands-on class followed by a shared dinner.

More Retreats are planned over the summer months, so keep an eye on Spirit-Rides – Raglan Yoga FB page for upcoming Events. The first Retreat is on Labour Weekend, 20th-21st of October and they are running a 2 for 1 special of $310 or if booked as a single person $250. This includes all Activities, Accommodation and Food.

Stephanie and Elisabeth’s core mission is to keep evolving and sharing their knowledge with other human beings to embrace playfulness, love and movement through their time with you.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpiritRides-Raglan-Riding-and-Vaulting-School-143076562449648/
Web: http://www.spiritrides.website/
Phone: 021 577 115
Email: spiritrides.raglan@gmail.com
Editors Note ~ Spirit-Rides is written as a ‘logo’ SpiritRides however for ease of reading it has been hyphenated throughout this article.


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