The Tao of Yin

With Truth Robinson

By Grace Bell

The Yoga Ground studio in Auckland became full of people, eager to experience The Tao of Yin with Truth Robinson. Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, yin yoga visionary, meditation guide, an embodiment of ancient wisdom; aspiring to demystify Chinese medicine and bring light to philosophies that access deeper layers of consciousness. 

The energy began to simmer down like the slow burn of embers on a fire as the voices in the room began to soften, finding silence.

The only sound coming from each mat was the breath and a heartbeat.

Immediately we all had something in common… Surrender. Yielding to a journey of self-enquiry that weaved breathwork, meditation, yoga, journaling and kirtan – We began to listen to Truth.

Discovering the art of stillness on a 10-day silent retreat was a catalyst that created a conscious shift in Truth’s life, leading him to the path of yoga in 2001. It wasn’t long before the ancient wisdom of the practice began to call him across the globe from Ashtanga (Patabhi Jois, India) in Brighton & Edinburgh, UK to Agama Tantric Yoga in Thailand to Sivananda and Iyengar yoga in India.

It was Satyananda Yoga at the Bihar School of Yoga that called Truth to land from his worldly travels, grounding down into a 2 year Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Teaching.

Diving deeper in his own practice and teaching yoga started inspire a shift that began to take shape as a passion for healing arts;

…which eventually took form in 2014 when he completed a degree to become a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A wealth of knowledge and awareness seemed to emanate with ease as Truth opened the space and shared stories of his travels, passions and learning’s.

The entire room seemed to respond with authenticity, to his authenticity.

The wind beneath the wings of Truth’s workshop was the wisdom of Lao-Tzu, one of the most renowned ancient masters, philosophers and poets of China; honored for his god-realized wisdom, universal understanding, messages of peace, resilience and living cohesively.

The Tao Te Ching is a collection of sacred sayings that expound the virtues and principals of Taoist teachings; all cultivated into 81 short poetic verses that guide the way to personal harmony through right view and understanding of existence.

There was a clear parallel between the Taoist teachings and Truth’s teachings throughout the workshop.

The Tao encourages us to be in touch with our own selves, our deepest selves, for when we know who we really are, that is when we discover eternal peace.

The exploration of the internal landscape was beginning as Truth prepared and readied us to be guided on a journey using the power of our breath. We found ourselves lying on our backs with our bellies facing the sky. Powerful, strong music graced our ears, the energy started to surge through the room, weaving in and out of each body with every breath.

Within only a minute of practicing, we knew this breathwork would not leave us feeling faint hearted.

Truth was holding space with an array of new colours now; they were shades of fire and strength, 6 minutes of strong breathing. It took us through an entire journey of human experience. Moments of ecstatic bliss, expansion, elevation… moments of letting go, physically and non-physically…perhaps it came in the form of a flash of strong emotion, a forgotten memory rising to release, the feeling of tears rolling down from the eyes or a pulse in the body.

And those moments in-between, of everything and nothing, becoming one.

The intensity of the music began to soften; anything that had been stirred up within began to settle like dust as stillness was cast over the room.

A soft, peaceful melody diffused a light glow within the room as we shared a moment to bathe in the sensations.

Truths integration of the Taoist teachings, yin yoga and journaling intertwined seamlessly. It was a perfect blend of soothing forwards folds, energizing back bends and cleansing twists; accompanied with verses from The Tao and a contemplative question that Truth invited us to ask ourselves within each posture… this was one of the powerful ways that Truth brought form to the Taoist wisdom – through the exercise of journaling.

Using our internal eye to gaze upon all the parts of ourselves that the eyes can’t see.

Affirming to us that the message we received from our internal self was perfect and whole whether it came in the form of a wordless whisper, joy, sadness, confusion, grief; all that messaged required was observation and bringing that internal message to paper.

Having developed his own unique style of yin yoga, Truth’s practice was one that held space for people to enter into a deep state of connection with their own personal truth.

A deeply beautiful yin yoga practice that was gentle and soft on the body, accessible for people of all walks of life and allowed the breath to be the pillar, the strength and the guide towards the True self.

Arriving out of Shavasana, it felt like we had each laced ourselves a cocoon…

…undergone a deep process of internal metamorphosis and were reemerging into the world as the same person but slightly more refined and slightly more attuned.

It was an inspiring, accessible and creative practice with the power to build a bridge between the external self and the internal self. A yoga student that attended the workshop expressed it as a “harmony between The Tao by Lao Tzu, and the Tao of Yin by Truth Robinson.”

The workshop closed with Kirtan, and when Truth brought out his harmonium…

smiles stretched across the room and the scent of gratitude was in the air…

…Ambe Maa was the mantra of choice. Singing to the Goddess Mother, the courageous, truthful, loving Mother of the World.

The Tao of Yin was a synthesis of individual elements that created a connected whole, a perfect harmony of petals that formed the flower of his workshop. It was the seeds of intention and presence in the space he created, the roots that reached deeply into soil of ancient philosophy, the balance of softness and strength, the petals of breathwork, meditation, yoga, and kirtan…. That coaxed open the hearts, blossoming towards their own fullness.

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Author Bio: Grace Bell

Yogini, Yoga Teacher at ‘Yoga With Grace’
Ambe Maa – Pinterest
Ambe Maa – Kirtan – You Tube (Jai Adhyashakti)

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