My Abundant Love

Cacao Ceremony

An interview with Cindy Saunders of Mangawai.

The effects of the Scorpio New Moon of November waxing into the potent Gemini Full Moon on the 23rd influenced by the Sun in Saggitarius the day before had left Cindy feeling a certain unease, a little adrift. Yet commited to the Loving Vibes Gathering Cindy went – and the result?



“It has done the thing I needed it to do.”

Through the actions of ‘allowing’ – “I feel like I have grown through the process.”

Cindy knows all the Loving Vibes team – they are familiar faces, she says; “well organised, professional, working as a team – they know what each other is doing,” and so their events flow …

The evening drew a smaller than usual gathering for the Cacao Ceremony followed by meditation, dance and kirtan – not necessarily in that order! The smaller numbers gifted the event an intimacy which felt as if it naturally expanded into an organic expression of ‘Abundant Love’.

Earlier on the Gaya Tree had prepared a typically delicious meal, and Matiu Te Huki of Loving Vibes led a karakia before the Cacao Ceremony began in earnest.

Sitting in a ritual circle led by Jules a ‘feather of intention’ was passed around – with each person holding the feather pausing to send off a ‘one-word-intention’ while holding the feather aloft…

Even the children got the opportunity to participate!

The prana carried the energy of intentions wafting through the room, everyone had said something from the heart; this was breathed in and expanded outwards, on voice, song, music, om chants and aroma…

…the intoxicating aroma of cacao.

Cups of warm, cacao were passed until everyone had a cup, and the meditation of simply be-ing ‘with’ the aroma of the cacao – ‘allowing it’ to envelope the senses from smell, to sight, to touch and …

the sesuality of the cacao in the body …


A breath connection was made during the drinking ceremony deepening the sense experience.

The four directions of;

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water …

… honoured and expressed in dance.

“Dancing out the four directions in our own sacred space ‘together’ gave us opportunity – to be in the beauty of that energy …

… Jules Bright is superb at what she does!”

This sacred space was held – the great container – the cauldron of love in abundance.

Jules has “this way of taking you on a journey; she is very skilled at this ‘connecting’ you with your inner-self, while moving with others through the process.”

Another ‘allowing’.

Eventually winding down into a guided meditation; connecting and joining; so-as-to be-come as one – a vast illuminating glow spread over the space expanding us … the time seemed to go;  “oh! so quickly!”

Breaking out for ‘Chill Out’ water and sweet treats were enjoyed…

…then Lis played, a new kirtan – the sound of the harmonium lilting and wafting the intentions in the air in a different way.

Free dance – until Hare-Krishna mellowed everyone – captivated in the soul-filled-atmosphere; grounding deeply in – wave upon wave of music trancing.

After another break-out; Matiu skillfully awakened us to ourselves, as he asked everyone to rise up when he sang ‘Rise up’  an array of different energies were released and the intention filled air became enlivened.

Cindy says; “The Mangawai Community is quite different – it draws a lot of spiritually inclined people – there is a deep felt sense of consciousness and awakening; a lot of people are doing a lot of work!”

It feels as if evolved – that is organically emerged without plan and like many who are here Cindy says of the gift she takes away from the process of the ritual;

“I am drawn now – even more deeply to yoga – my yoga, a deep practice gifting insight that is the ‘calling’ for ‘now’ and I came away from ‘My Abundant Love’ with huge ‘gratitude’ – as answers to questions were ‘allowed’ simply by sitting with those sensations that were quite intense…

…This is a gift!”

“It has done the thing I needed it to do.”

Through the actions of ‘allowing’ – “I feel like I have grown through the process.”

A big bow Loving Vibes …

You can catch the team of ‘Loving Vibes Soul Family from Aotearoa’ – Cacao Goddess of Love Jules Bright, Goddess of Divine Loving Mantras Lis Martinac, and Peaceful Warrior of Love Matiu Te Huki at other events around Mangawai and Waiheke Island.

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