Ecstatic Dance with Shannon Rose

Her Expression

A storm raged outside the old Ponsonby Community Centre.

I am certain it has been buffeted by many storms – this place that was school house over a hundred years ago to my family, holding memories of gatherings the energies steeped deep into the body of the building…

…ecstatic dancing here seemed more than appropriate!

Fairy lights encircled the memory laden wooden floor boards.

A welcoming embrace from Shannon Rose set the mood for an intimate evening of dance.



A small magical gathering of women; each in her own ‘sacred space’ moved as urged by the energies of the music, eyes closed, focalized into bliss, inner creatrix – outward expression.

The Divine Feminine emerging in wave after wave of ripples reaching a climatic point of surrender into a gentle rest, a peaceful lull within the body as the music led one back into the flow.

Smiles were exchanged if eyes met in the half light the twilight of the dance.



Bottles of Banjo Kombucha were provided by Shannon Rose along with healthy snacks to…

…slake bodies satiated in the after-glow of dance.

DJ ‘Misty G’ aka ‘Misty Maree Goodgame’ led us on an enchanted musical foray; the journey taking dancers to vistas on high plateaus of expansion and abundance then deep soulful dives into wending verdant valleys of rest and transformation.

Superbly skilled at her art Misty G guided us through her musical journey as it ever unfolded with new and unprediuctable nuanced vibes – reaching in…

…to the emotional seat the heart centre and blissful ‘work’ of renewal.

Organically led into savasana and a meditation Shannon Rose brought everyone into a mellow and replete state.




Full with beautiful energies that will continue to spill over into the journey beyond the dance floor.

A circle formed and everyone was included – breaths deep and cleansing, deep and renewing, deep and lifting into courage; the hearts that had melted and yeilded and been transformed so we could walk our own path from the circle in the Divine Feminine expression.





A special gift was made to the most stunning un-costume of the night! An ‘electric’ blue body-painted diva with only flicks of filmy black lace in a couple of places was overjoyed to recieve her gift!

Her Expression Ecstatic dance is high-vibe-(sober)-dance that is intended  to provide a fun, safe and open container for women to connect with other women, but most importantly back to themselves. Shannon Rose delivered…

…the vibe is still singing through me…

Look out for Shannon Rose, Misty G, Her Expression – I believe there is a retreat on the cards for next year so watch this space!

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