Trimurti Multi-Style Teacher Training Experience

My Experience at Trimurti Yoga New Zealand’s 200 Hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training in Dunedin, Otago

By Ella Francesca Lawrence-Donalson

My yoga journey began nine years ago in Auckland, aged 15, following a video yoga class with my mother.

Three years later, I moved to Whangarei to study, and found Susan Pryor of The Red Thread Yoga Studio. Here I learned Hatha Yoga. Susan’s style is gentle and healing a Hatha Vinyasa Flow with a focus on ‘ease and breath’ creating a unique form of ‘your yoga for you’. Susan has always been so incredibly loving, supportive, and nurturing of my growth. It was Susan that inspired and encouraged me to do my yoga teacher training.

Three years later, after finishing my Bachelors of Applied Art at NorthTec, I moved to Dunedin to pursue postgraduate study. Here, I found the beautiful Studio Tula. This is also where I first found Acro Yoga, which I quickly became very passionate about, as well as deeply immersing in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.

I first found the Trimurti Yoga New Zealand 200 Hour Multi-Style Teacher Training through Studio Tula earlier this year. When enrollments came around for the second teacher training, I knew it was the right time.

Things happen when they need to happen.

I think this is particularly true about yoga teacher training, as it is truly a transformative experience.

One of the topics of the course, Ayurveda, ‘Yoga’s Sister Science’, has had an enormously positive impact on how I live my life and manage chronic illness. This ancient knowledge and the teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali have helped me…

…regain harmony with the natural rhythms,

and have given ground to my core beliefs and inherent knowingness. Yoga has helped strengthen me physically, mentally, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. It has been a challenging journey of realising my potential in all these realms. During the training, we engaged in a Sadhana, a daily yoga practice.

The discipline of this dedicated practice is holistically beneficial.

This particular teacher training was great as it was split up into weekend blocks. I found it extremely accessible in this way and good to have the week between the Training weekends to digest the teachings, go to yoga classes, do research and assignments. The trainings are held at the AYU Wellness Arts Event Space located in one of Dunedin’s beautifully restored heritage buildings next to the Queens Gardens.

The space is reminiscent of a New York City Loft…

…without so much of the hustle and bustle.

It is truely  sanctuary in the city,

thoughtfully designed and decorated and infused with good vibes.

During the ten weekends of the course, we made wonderful new friends, and expanded our Sangha, our spiritual community.

The energy of the group was so lovely.

Everyone was so kind, helpful, and supportive of each other. The teaching staff are so passionate and highly knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the multi-style aspect of the course, we got a great taster of many forms of yoga, starting with Hatha and working its way through the timeline of styles.

I have also just completed the Trimurti Yoga Nidra teacher training at AYU, which I highly recommend.

Next year I plan to teach yoga at The Hydro, St. Clair Esplanade, Dunedin.

I am honoured and excited to paying this knowledge forward.

Trimurti Yoga New Zealand:

AYU Wellness Arts Event Space, Dunedin:

Studio Tula, Dunedin:

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