Ecstatic Awakening Dance & Journey with Sound

Shadows of Light Echoing With The Sound of Silence

Ecstatic Dance and Gong Bath are paradoxes ‘felt’ within the somatic body.



Dying to…

Living in…

Be-ing present.

The libation of numinous energies Julia and Shannon drew down on the Solstice of the Summer of 2018-2019 as we were transitioning from Sagittarius into the portal of Capricorn the while Cancer Moon watched over all were potent.

A cosmic delta formed at the merging of three powerful energies –

those of Sagittarius – the pathway of the journey of the hero entered into the Capricorn path of the dawn of a new world, coinciding with the Full Moon in Cancer so much heavenly illumination as ribbons of light wended their way around and into each person present as they floated on the breath and in the air that we inhabit that is the cosmic soup of ‘Prana’.

This Solstice was unique as the confluence of these powers gifted more than the usual offering of illumination. More light rays, more radience on the soul and for those on purpose – this was an especially potent time portending of many opportunities and gifts.

How better to call in these gifts and release that which is done with gracefully, graciously with a celebration of gratitude than in Ecstatic Dance.

The room was black, dark, a velvety kind of darkness that felt welcoming and enveloped within it one felt as if wrapped in a warm loving embrace.

A few lights illuminated the sides of the room and the glimmer of the Gong Altar could be made out in the flickering gentle lights.

Outside was still day-light, even-tide, a soft dusky light that hovers and stayed that way until the dance bid it goodnight and the curtain of night fell; at last.

For this happening a group of souls men, women, tribe-of-life Be-ings, moved as a prayer on the ancient wood floors of this historic whare at 116 Bank Street Whangarei.

The Five Part Dance led by Julia started with a warming up – the stirring of the juices; getting the soul aligned with root and crown and with joy and love – then with life’s expression unbridled.

Gentle movements lifting the Earth’s energy into the Chakra and upwards meeting with Heavens energy as it was drawn downwards until the two danced, warming to each others bodies within the one body of each dancer.

Upping the tempo a little we came into the physical expression of our unique response to the juicy energies now flowing – each cell lit up one-by-one pulsing and throbbing with life. Inspired.





Into full awakened dance.

Restrained then liberated.

Freed as the third part of the dance invited full soul’n’body movement, in the darkness, singularly yet al-one, but not alone.

Raising energy, cleansing, healing, coming ever more present.

Dancers transfixed, morphed and shape shifted, shadow into light into a thousand-thousand shimmering particals dancing, floating, suspended on the air. Lighter than air. In the air, of the Earth Mother as she was one with the Heavenly Father.

Winding it all down – slowing now – post climatic softness into complete relaxation.

To the floor, bodies draped held by the Mother and baptised in the the Gong Bath…sound after sound after sound rippled over at first; then into the cells; converging at the centre of the body and echoing back reverberating outwards floating over and under each other as new sounds entred. An ocean of healing, sothing, transforming sound…



Each cell quivering until ebbing slower and slower to a place of utter stillness.


No sound.

No movement.

A Samadhi moment.

From which each re-emerged, seeing the room, seeing each other as we came into the closing circle anew. Not the same person who had sat in circle 2 hours earlier.


Born in the flows of the confluences of Sagittarius as she drifted into Capricorn and Cancer as she rose to centre stage while the Sun bowed out …

A luscious, light supper of fruit and cacao bliss balls followed with fresh Lemon Grass tea sipped while the fragrance  wafted through the room.

Like shadows of light – illuminated beings each drifted away; quietly; full.



Upcoming Events:

1st February 116 Bank Street 7pm

15th February 116 Bank Street 7pm 

Shannon will also be offering sound meditations in the coming months and will be opening a sound healing clinic every Wednesday as soon as she can find a room.  Watch this space for updates!

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