Book Review – ‘SEX, DRUGS

& (mostly) YOGA: Field Notes from a Kundalini Awakening’

Review By – Susan Pryor

Sometimes, when we are very, very lucky – we get to pick up a book that we simply can not put down; absorbed in page after page of unfolding events that capture the imagination, bring the heart to the throat, cause the pulse to race, the breath to stop and tears to fall…

‘Sex, Drugs & (mostly) Yoga: Field Notes from a Kundalini Awakening’ by Kara-Leah Grant is one such book; and be warned it is not a story for the faint-hearted!

This is a detailed memoir of the journey of a soul finding itself in psychosis as it yearns for transformation into the liberation of awakening.

With brutal honesty (that might make a man blush) Kara-Leah shares the candid unreserved details of her lifes experiences with her undoubted trademark spunk and unbridled courage.

She is a brave woman. (And, that is an understatement!)

A brave woman in a dilemma all of us fear – the idea that we are actually or are at least thought of, as crazy!

And ….

….what is crazy anyway?

Her belief in something other than the label she was given of ‘crazy’ and ‘insane’ is investigated through her intimate self-witnessing, exploring and investigation to find ‘her’ sovereign truth.

Through re-tracing her steps then dissecting each moment and thought with ruthless examination – Kara-Leah (who in my opinion is probably one of the ‘sanest’ people I have ever met), discovers the essence of the path she is on, and despite undeniable vulnerability; in typical Kara-Leah fashion she meets this challenge (with humility, contemplation, meditation and yoga) in her gutsy head-on style and incredible tenacity.

The result amongst other things is (of course) the book (which I urge you to read) but bigger than the book is her own healing, and bigger than that are the gifts – from the journey her healing has taken – which she generously shares so others are healed, lives are transformed and the potentiality of abundant joy (which is in each of us) is discovered.

A force to be reckoned with – ‘Sex, Drugs & (mostly) Yoga’ is quite possibly the greatest book on personal transformation you will ever read.

Kara-Leah’s humble but razor sharp honesty is breathtakingly inspiring – challenging and inviting – a cliché I know but a ‘must read’ regardless of whether you are interested in, or are acquainted with, or believe in the esoteric.

For an investment in your life or just a damn good story about some chick who leaps ‘topless’ onto a logging truck somewhere in Canada you can buy your copy now – here:

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