Yoga Scene – TODAY!

We share your wonderful life journeys and pathways through yoga so others are inspired, motivated, uplifted…

Yoga as it is viewed here is a lifestyle or way of living that opens you to the transformative energy of the source – that is the ‘life force energy’ that created everything; we often know this energy by other names – all ultimately mean the same thing – ‘Love’.

Postures are yoga and so is prayer, or gardening or singing or being a mum or running a business – it is ‘how’ you ‘be’ in these actions that defines the yogic lifestyle. Being conscious, present, mindful, making your life a meditation, focussing on beauty, and seeing and gifting outpourings of love through your energetic being is part of what distinguishes your walk as yogic!

Our underpinning concept is  communicating with all others through words and actions and the model of this publication; that there is a transformative energy in us, around us, and living before our bodies existed and after they are gone – and this energy is ‘love’ which can be seen and experienced in the beauty of the generousity of our contributors and their sharings.

Humanity is on the brink of a new age – the transformation of which is occurring now.

Be present, be love.


To contribute your uplifting journey, to be part of this transformative energy contact Susan at NZ.YOGAsceneMagazine@yahoo.co.nz

The more we share the love, the beauty, the joy – the greater the transformation will become…

Be part of this new revolution away from the ‘Age of Gross Consumerism’ into the ‘Age of Transformative Love’.


In light and love,

‘I AM’

The ‘Prioress’

Susan xx

Image: Andromeda Galaxy – the closest galaxy in the known universe to the ‘Milky Way’ the sight of which stirs imaginings and wonder; a joy and curiousity too immense to comprehend. You are part of this…