Easter Sunday 1 APRIL 2018 …. Special of 4 hours of live music and mantra chanting as the most soulful, rhythmic,uplifting, amping, heart-nourishing kind of meditation!

We’ll be sailing off at 5pm and running through till 10pm with a variety of Kirtan leaders and musicians facilitating an atmosphere of true contentment and freedom.

Around midway when hunger starts to strike there will be an epic Vegetarian feast!
Kirtan is a fusion of mantra meditation and live music…
…a call of the heart that’s so simple anyone can participate.
Whilst riding on the rhythmic waves of the kirtan, just hear the mantra and sing it back.
Experience your mind becoming crystal clear and your heart radiating goodness!
There’s no other experience quite like it.

Only $5 between 4:45pm-5:30, $8 thereafter…
  • Tickets
  • Pay at event

The Loft Yoga Lounge

103 Beach road, 1st floor, Auckland, New Zealand 1010
021 303 275
For more info Email to – theloft.akld@gmail.com
To get there  – Get Directions
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